About the Book

FuntoSellGreen30percentshdaReal Estate’s dirty little secret is that most real estate agents have never been trained to market a home…and for a good reason. For most of the last 30 years, it wasn’t really necessary to be much of a marketer to have a successful career. Any rookie could stick a sign in the yard, enter the home in the multiple listing service and then wait for the buyers to come flocking.
And then came the Great Recession…Today with tougher loan requirements and an uncertain economy, even low mortgage rates and falling prices have not expanded the number of buyers. The competition has shifted from agents competing for clients to sellers competing for the qualified buyers who are in the driver’s seat and conditioned to be bargain hunters.
The internet changed the way everything is marketed from books to homes. New types of competition and regulatory changes added pressure to disclose fees and reduce transaction costs, leaving many brokers scratching their heads for a new business model.
Fun to Sell, Easy to Buy uses the time tested framework of the four Ps of marketing, Product, Place, Price and Promotion to provide a guide for the intelligent home seller to find and work with a listing agent with the know how or instincts to compete effectively to get a home sold. Or, worst case, coach and manage an agent with good transaction skills to get the job done.
Rarely, with a great home and an unusually good local market, the book may be useful to a homeowner determined to do a FSBO, or For Sale by Owner.
You will learn:
  • Why the artful arrangement of building materials you call home is only part of the product you are selling.
  • Why certain types of homes are difficult to price but why it’s not all that important.
  • Why understanding the differences between the jobs of buyer agents and listing agents will underscore the difference between selling and marketing your home.
  • Why your advertising materials should not attempt to sell your home. 

Save Money
The homeowner who sells her home for $400,000 will probably pay a sales commission of $20,000 or more. The cost of this book and a few hours invested in reading it could save some of that money or at the very least help her get the most out of the brokers that will get that commission.


The 4 P's Guide to Marketing Your Home