About the Author

FuntoSellGreen30percentshdaJay Zenner’s marketing career spans many years and many industries. It began in the mid seventies when he moved from the data processing division of a large regional bank into the marketing department to start a product development function.  The financial services industry was undergoing a transition not unlike what real estate has been going through recently with advances in technology and changing regulations spurring more sophisticated marketing.

After banking he worked as a consultant doing public relations, government relations, university development and start-ups. In the late 90’s he managed an exhibit marketing company assisting business-to-business marketers with their trade show programs.

He got involved in real estate by renovating and flipping property. For over ten years he has been a broker, manager and consultant in the residential real estate industry. His interest in encouraging other agents to be better marketers includes several years of blogging at his site 4PsRE.com. Another book targeting listing agents entitled The Evolution of Real Estate Marketing – How to Make Selling Real Estate Fun Again is serialized on the site.roary819 016

He grew up in Richmond Virginia and went to Notre Dame on a football grant-in-aid. Before entering banking he taught English and coached at his old high school. His last job in banking took him to Durham North Carolina where he was active in educational issues and downtown development. He is a Rotarian and lives with his dog and two cats in a 60’s ranch home he has been renovating for 12 years.

The 4 P's Guide to Marketing Your Home